Nominated Sunrise Teen Earns SWKCF and AZCS&S $1,000+


Annually, Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona hosts the Mr. Dobson Pageant & Fundraiser where at the conclusion of the competition, one guy remains as the overall male student of the year. In the most recent contest, one of our very own AZ Sunrise campers, Caleb Donaldson, won and he didn’t do it without recognition to camp and Southwest Kids Cancer Foundation!

The qualifications required of each candidate are based upon popular vote, staff judging, school transcript of past achievements, and most importantly, how much that individual raised for his chosen charity. Caleb managed to individually collect $620.50 for our cause and pulled in an additional $1,000 through ticket sales from the event for a total of $1,620.50!

“My motivation for choosing Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks as my charity is the same motivation for why I continue to return as staff: to give back to the same tight-knit family that helped shape my childhood and future of volunteering. For the majority of my younger years, I was deathly afraid of anyone finding out that I was a ‘cancer kid’. At that time, I was just trying my best to fit in socially with my various youth groups, unprepared to deal with the burden the truth would bring. However, Camp Sunrise was the only place in the world I ever felt finally safe to talk about my past treatment, and even proud of it.

Out of the dozen or so clubs, extracurriculars, youth groups, parades, and even city positions that I took part in over the years, the special memories I hold from Camp are why I chose Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks to receive the benefit of my greatest school achievement yet.”

Caleb Donaldson

On behalf of Southwest Kids Cancer Foundation and Arizona Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks, we are so honored to have Caleb as part of our Campily – we appreciate all your hard work and dedication to our cause! Congratulations on such an incredible accomplishment.

Tori Houwman